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Trumanitarian podcast: my friend Lars Peter’s great effort to catalyse thinking about structural change in the humanitarian aid system.  We talked about my experience leading the emergence of the Start Network
On systems leadership: a short speech introducing change maker awards
Commitment made at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul 2016
How does international experience translate to a domestic context? A great conversation with Discovery Group ( CEO Doug Nelson about insights from my systems work in humanitarian aid, and how they could be relevant to leaders of Canadian non-profits.
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Capitalising on Covid

On how the pandemic could enable change in the humanitarian aid system.

Choosing a system leader

3 scenarios for choosing the humanitarian system leader.  While the choice has been made, and the new guy is Very talented, I believe this is a useful thought experiment.

3 ways to move forward in risky times

Three ideas — I call them Dreaming, Experimenting and Change Infrastructure — that could work in any organization.

Accelerating impact investing in Canada (part 1)

Why impact investing is important, and why a systems lens can help accelerate its adoption.

The urgent need: change infrastructure

We need things that change things. Here are 5 hard truths and 5 ideas about how to build change infrastructure.

Accelerating impact investing in Canada (part 2)

7 ways to accelerate the flow of capital to triple bottom line ventures.